Adv. Rajendra R. Dange


Secretary Desk

Dear students and Parents

I would like to thank the almighty for the past and placing ourselves under his protection and guidance for the future. We have completed seven successful years of striving, dedication, hard work and sincerity in our venture for providing quality education. Looking back on the past years one has to acknowledge that Subhadra International School, Ashta has done an excellent and outstanding service for the cause of education in the most congenial and healthy environment.

Subhadra International School, Ashta is one of the best and most prestigious CBSE Schools in the locality which has registered its presence in various Extra-Curricular Activities, CBSE clusters and produced excellent results in the Board and competitive examinations. Subhadra International School, Ashta provides specialized and qualified professional counselors for career and personality development of the students. Often quality workshops are organized to motivate teachers and students for better tomorrow. In our curriculum technology aids, power point presentation, smart class room with interactive board and 3D audio- video room are part and parcel in our teaching.

The concept of education has changed in a big and seemingly unmanageable way in the recent time. Man’s adherence to and rejection of certain practices have thrown up new challenges. Today education has opened new vistas. Improvement of ‘Self’ remains not only a non-changing factor but has assumed greater significance. School and teachers have a more important role to play in the life of a student. He/she has to accomplish something more than imparting knowledge. There has never been a greater need to respect to a child’s sensitivities. Teachers, in order to ensure proper, orderly and optimum growth of child have to mark an effort to learn to respect his/her personality. The schools and teachers must ensure that the child does not have to work under stress, it should, in any case have to reduce to sheer minimum.

I feel Proud to say that Subhadra International School, Ashta is best equipped with all technological aids which our students acquire and imbibe for their bright future. Wish you all the best for a New Academic Year.