Mr. Sumsin Kanai

General Manager

General Manager Desk

Dear students, teachers and respected Stakeholders,

There is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and important infrastructure in the form of modern education.

Here at our Subhadra International School, Ashta we tend to build a resourceful individual out of a naive human, rendering them the wisdom which will lead to broader perspective of life.

We proclaims a powerful vision for the future of young people and has a deep understanding of responsibility to help shape their lives. We aim to unearth every child’s talent and provide opportunities which will enable them to discover something excited and enthusiastic for them by which the learning and buoyancy are always at par with each other.

The academics and extracurricular activities enhance a remarkable educational experience in student’s life.

We are confident that in the years to come we shall equip our students with not only the basic knowledge of their concerned discipline but also a deep insight into it, so that they can stand on their own and achieve perfection in the careers of their choice.

As technology increasingly takes over knowledge based work, education must keep abreast with the ever changing world. Course must be constantly redesigned to be consistent with its purpose of supporting its students’ personal and professional development.

We are aware of the challenges that extend ahead and will leave no stone unturned to further enrich the rich legacy of this esteemed institution. May the Almighty shower His blessings on us all and give us the strength to face all the challenges that come our way

Focussing on what’s best for your child’s future, so that, together, we allow every child in the school to soar, like a powerful eagle, towards a bright and successful future.

Let us all continue to scale greater and insurmountable heights of excellence with the blessings of the Enormous.